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Postby yuguhun » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:33 am

An attorney for Jones,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, Levi McCathern, said in an email that Weckerly's allegations were false and that he was pleased with Tillery's order. McCathern was also sued by Weckerly.
DALLAS (AP) — A judge threw out a sexual assault lawsuit filed against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Thursday,Air Max 97 Gold, saying the claims were barred by Texas law limiting the time in which a case can be filed.
State District Judge Dale Tillery ruled that the allegations, even if true,Air Max 98 Gundam Price, fell outside the five-year statute of limitations for civil sexual assault cases.
Weckerly's attorney, Thomas Bowers,Off White Vapormax Retail Price, said his client did not receive any money from Jones or the Cowboys as part of the case ending. He declined to comment further.

Jana Weckerly had accused Jones of grabbing her genitals and forcibly kissing her in 2009. Weckerly also alleged an attorney for Jones took a memory card with photos and destroyed it,Cheap Jerseys Free, and that she was paid hush money for several years after the incident. Jones denied the allegations.
Bowers argued in court last month that Weckerly's case wasn't past the deadline because she was receiving payments and feeling pressured not to report the alleged incident. But McCathern denied that any payments were made to Weckerly and said that even if they were at first, Weckerly could not have felt pressure for several years afterward not to go to authorities or file a lawsuit.
Tillery's order also redacted certain allegations made by Weckerly in court filings,Nike Off White The Ten, and it banned attorneys on both sides from discussing the case with the media even after its dismissal.
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