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Members of the local theatrical fraternity and colleagues of the late Actress and Teacher, Shelly Bancroft will gather tomorrow night at the Upscale Restaurant for a night of tribute. Bancroft who has dedicated several years to the teaching profession was also honoured with a night of reflection last evening at the Queenstown Secondary School,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, where she taught up to the time of her death.Meanwhile,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, as the family, friends and colleagues continue to mourn her death,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, her reputed husband Warren King says he may never get the answers he wants.In an interview with this publication, King said he is feeling every negative emotion during this period and given the fact that relatives have opted not to have a post mortem done is adding to his grief.Dead local Actress/Teacher Shelly Bancroft.“After that surgery,Cheap Jerseys From China, I sat up many nights with Shelly we cried many nights as she expressed her fear of dying and leaving her children.”King said he feels that Shelly would have wanted the post mortem done to put his mind at ease.“Since the surgery she kept saying she wanted to know what happened to her. All she kept saying was something just felt wrong after the surgery.”However,Cheap NFL jerseys China, according to King, the woman’s mother has requested that the post mortem not be done.“I have to respect her wishes but I would have wanted to know what exactly killed her, at least her children deserve to know.”He added that he is not satisfied with the explanation given to the family by Dr. Haydock Wilson. King explained that Dr. Wilson only began interacting with Shelly leading up to the surgery,China NFL Jerseys, while another Doctor had been treating her at the Georgetown Public Hospital for the past 10 years.However, while there is nothing much he can do, King says he will mourn the loss of his partner and hope that similar faith does not befall another family.On Wednesday morning the local actress died while being treated at the Caribbean Heart Institute. In April, a surgery was done to replace a valve in her heart. The family is of the opinion that the surgery was not properly done resulting in her developing complications which eventually led to her death.
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