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A police witness testifying in the matter for which four persons are accused of killing 72-year-old Clementine Fiedtkou-Parris has disclosed that the number one accused, Orwin Hinds, had complained of sustaining blows at the handsMurdered: Clementine Fiedtkou-Parrisof the police while in custody.Police Corporal David Hunte was called to the stand yesterday by State Prosecutors Teshana Lake and Narissa Leander.Hunte told the court that in 2011, he transported a group of prisoners from the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to the Camp Street Prisons. He said that among the prisoners was Orwin Hinds.He recalled that while at the reception area of the Georgetown Prison, Hinds lodged a complaint.  He told the court that the prisoner had a bump on his forehead and he complained that he had sustained this at the hands of the police.Hunte said that he had taken a statement from the accused to this effect, but noted that the man had not sustained his injury while in his custody.The officer also stated that he did not know what led the prisoner to lodge the complaint at the reception area of the Georgetown Prisons.Meanwhile, Prison Officer Marvin Tyrell related that he had examined Roy Jacobs, the number four accused,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, prior to his admission to the Georgetown Prisons.  Tyrell related that in addition to a tattoo, Jacobs had scars on his back, and both arms.He said however that he could not say whether the marks were old or new from looking at them.   The prison officer related too that Jacobs did not enter the prisons with any stitches, neither did he lodge any complaints on his arrival to the jail.Orwin Hinds, called “Red Man,” of Burnham Boulevard, Mocha, East Bank Demerara; Kevin October called, “Troy,” of Second Street, Agricola, East Bank Demerara; Cleon Hinds, and Roy Jacobs called “Chippie” or “Black Boy” of Evans Street, Charlestown, are facing  Justice Navindra Singh and a mixed jury, at the High Court in Georgetown for the murder of Clementine Fiedtkou-Parris.Fiedtkou-Parris was shot and killed in her home on June 30, 2011, by gunmen, who were reportedly hired to end her life over a property dispute. On the day of the shooting, two men reportedly went to the woman’s Lot 42 Robb Street residence and requested an audience with her.Upon hearing the persons requesting her presence, she moved to the door. The gunmen opened fire at her, hitting her several times about the body.It was reported that after the shooting, the suspects made their escape in a waiting car.  The men were purportedly caught on video camera committing the act. The gunmen were reportedly paid to end the woman’s life.The accused are being represented by Attorneys -at- Law, George Thomas, Moti Singh, Raymond Alli and Maxwell Mc Kay.
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