College Jerseys and Alwin Greenidge

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College Jerseys and Alwin Greenidge

Postby pjqhr230 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 7:40 pm

Members of the public have expressed their disapproval at the treatment of some persons who seem to be opposed to the Jagdeo administration.On Friday,Jordan Shoes For Sale, a President’s Appreciation ceremony was held in honour of Mr. Jagdeo and sparked various responses from the public. Some persons showed their support to the President by going to the event while some showed their disappointment with anti-Jagdeo signs and demarcations on the streets.This, some say, triggered a retaliation that saw those arrested for the anti-Jagdeo signs detained for the act.According to Irwin Philander, 50, years of 1D Tucville, his wife and two others were detained early Thursday morning for posting anti-Jagdeo signs at the Soesdyke Junction.The trio detained at the Timehri Police Station was released midday, yesterday without being told if they are to be charged with any offence.The gentleman told this publication that his wife,Adidas Nmd Pink Shoes, a friend of the family; Ronald,Air Max 97 Undefeated Black, 50, of Newtown, and Alwin Greenidge, 25,Nike Air Max 2018 Womens, of Tucville were at the junction when a police patrol vehicle approached them. The youngest of the three Alwin,Air Max 90 Black And White Mens, giggled at something the officer said. This annoyed the rank.Philander claimed that the officers then pulled out their revolvers and instructed the young man to run to the river.  He said that his wife in an effort to save the youngster, told Greenidge not to run.The officers then told the 25-year-old to jump into the vehicle. They were all taken to the Timehri station and detained.The man said that his relatives were detained for three days. They were told nothing of their offence, no bail was posted and no questions were answered. An attorney, the man said, was hired to assist with the matter but even after a whole day at the station still no answers were given, only that they, the police, were awaiting information from higher authorities.Philander said that his wife had to spend the three days on a bench at the station where she got fever, aching of the skin and an infection from the insanitary toilets.The gentleman also expressed his disappointment at members of the Guyana Police Force who,Air Max 97 2018, he said are behaving as though the law does not apply to them. It’s as if people have no rights in this country anymore, he added claimed.When the Timehri Police Station was contacted by this paper and inquiries were made about persons detained in the matter, the officer said he would not be able to give any information. When the publication further requested to speak to someone who could give information about the issue the officer hung up the phone.
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