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–    Relatives claim friend set him upShaine Hinds, one of the alleged suspects in a botched robbery in Thomas Street, North Cummingsburg, succumbed to his injuries early yesterday morning in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).Hinds, 27,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, of Middle Road,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, La Penitence, Georgetown, was shot multiple times about the body by police officers on Friday last. He died yesterday at 01:30hrs.Dead: Shaine HindsPolice said that Hinds was involved in a botched robbery in Thomas Street but no other details were provided. It was also reported that two handguns were retrieved from the wounded man, one of which was found in his underwear.Hinds’s family yesterday insisted that their relative was not a bandit. They claimed that he was set-up by his best friend who was with him when he was shot, and whom police had labelled as his accomplice.The relatives believe that the “friend” was getting back at Hinds over a problem that occurred some 10 years ago.“(The friend) tried to shoot him before because the two of them had some problem,” one of the dead man’s aunts said.It was explained that Hinds was involved with “bad company” when he was a teenager, and was sent to the New Opportunity Corps,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, a place for juvenile delinquents. He was released one year after and migrated to another country, where he spent 10 years.“He come back about two years now and he working, and then sometime last month he link up back with (the friend),” the man’s aunt said.The family claimed that the last time they saw him was around 06:30 hrs on Friday when he left with his friend.“He went out with he baby first, and then he come home back with his friend and the two of them gone out back and then couple minutes later we hear that he was shot,” another female relative related.The man’s family said that they strongly believed that the friend who they believe is closely acquainted with members of the police force,Cheap Jerseys From China, paid for him to be executed.“(The friend) does come by me and scrape my pot and he was the last person to see my son. He was the one with my son when he was shot, then how come he didn’t come and tell me anything. He was like a son to me,” the man’s mother, Coilet Fraser said.They pointed out that Hinds never went to prison, unlike his friend, who was a guest of the state on numerous occasions.“He does always deh in some shooting problem and he does always go to jail. The last time he get three years and he de get sick and they take him to the hospital and he escape and about two months back they caught him and he was remanded to jail to serve back he time,NFL Jerseys Supply, but the next day we saw him walking free and he telling people that he is with the ruling party, so nobody can’t do he anything,” Hinds’s aunt claimed.A family member claimed that a medical source had informed them that the man had been shot a dozen times.“Every morning when I go to the hospital I does go and ask the doctor how he doing and the doctor said he was shot 12 times and not five times,” the man’s relative said.On Friday, an armed motorcyclist, identified as Hinds, was shot by police during a botched robbery. His accomplice managed to escape, Police said. They claimed to have retrieved two handguns from the wounded man and also impounded the CG motorcycle he was riding. One of the handguns was reportedly stashed in the man’s underwear.A Thomas Street resident,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Yonette Cummings, who was standing nearby, was accidentally shot in her leg. She was taken to GPHC and later discharged.
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