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Wholesale Jerseys China he said

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…as City Hall continues demolition exerciseHugh October, the proprietor of a city business, whose property was seized when a band of officials from City Hall descended on his property late Thursday night, is angry over what he regards as the high handed attitude of officials of the Mayor and City Council. He is in the process of seeking redress at the level of the courts since he is dissatisfied with the explanation offered by these officials.October explained that he is the owner of Prince Sons and Daughters Restaurant and Bar. He said that it is a family business that has been in existence for several decades.October further explained that the business has been bequeathed to him and he has been operating for more than a decade.The photo shows what remained after the dismantling crew had completed their taskHe further disclosed that he had planted several flower plants in front of his premises to ‘brighten’ his surroundings. The distraught man also said that he has never encountered problems with the city officials over his actions.October said that his efforts to keep his surroundings clean and beautiful have been commended by City Hall officials in the past. He was also the recipient of a plaque in recognition of his efforts at beautifying the city. The plaque was issued by the Government of Guyana, in association with the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) and commended his efforts.Despite all of this,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, three vehicles with about 14 officers, armed with hammers and other implements visited October’s business place and proceeded to dismantle a structure set up in front of the store.Hugh said that he pleaded with the officers for some time to remove the items from the pavement. His pleas were ignored, he said,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, and the officers descended on his property and removed his plants and several makeshift structures from in front of the store.He said that they did not exercise the required caution when they were loading the items into the vehicle and as such,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, most of his property was damaged.October said that he is disturbed at the way the crew went about their jobs. He said that they clearly meant to destroy his property judging by the way they carried out the operations.“They just jumped out of the vehicle and started to kick down everything in sight,” he said. He also disclosed that he was forced to watch helplessly.“This thing happened so suddenly, I am still in shock,” said October. He opined that since he had received an award for beautifying the city, he should have been afforded the decency of dialogue.On Friday, the irate businessman visited City Hall to lodge a complaint. He said that he spoke with a delegation headed by Mayor Hamilton Green,Cheap Jerseys Online, the City Engineer and the Chief Constable.Instead of addressing his concerns, October said that he was accused of behaving in a disorderly manner. “The constable in charge of the operations reported that I was very abusive and had used threatening and abusive language,” said October.“If that was the case why did they not arrest me?”He said that the Mayor informed him that he could have retrieved his property from the city depot. “There was no assurance that I would have been compensated for the destruction of my property,” a livid October proclaimed.City Hall recently announced the end of the amnesty period offered to itinerant vendors during the Christmas holidays and had instructed the removal of all encumbrances from the pavements. Some of the vendors have complied but a few stubbornly held their ground claiming that they had nowhere else to go.They have cited pressing expenses as the reason for their decision to continue occupying the city pavements. In the meantime, City Hall officials remain adamant that the vendors should vacate the pavements.October said that he has brightened the area with his decorations. Despite these claims,China Jerseys Cheap, City Hall remained firm and his,Cheap Sports Jerseys, as well as many other makeshift stalls constructed on the pavements, have been dismantled.
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