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-Meanwhile others are using two platforms “It is either you provide your cable services via wireless connections or physically run cables. YouGNBA Head, Leonard Craigcannot have the best of both worlds.”This was the ultimatum allegedly given by Board Member of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA), Anthony Vieira, to Atlantic Cable Network (ACN). This entity is known to be the pioneer of the cable services in Guyana.A representative of the company said that ACN has for the longest time, been operating its cable operations through physically run cables to the homes of hundreds of Guyanese. The official said that the company has since invested millions of dollars in equipment to have its services provided through wireless connections. For years, it has been unable to do so.He said that the former regime was the first stumbling block that prevented the company from expanding its operations in this regard.The representative said,NFL Jerseys Supply, “The Company’s operations started out in Nandy Park. And this was during the time of former President Bharrat Jagdeo. They tried all sorts of tactics to prevent us from getting a licence; they prevented us from expanding. They stifled our growth and allowed their favourites like E-Networks to enter the field and take over.”The official added, “In fact the company paid $800, 000 for a licence it was promised only to be told by the Jagdeo-run GNBA at the time that it would not be possible until the Broadcasting legislation was passed.”The broadcasting company said that it expected a meaningful change when a new board and regime was installed. Based on Vieira’s actions and the Board at large,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, the entity is now claiming that the GNBA is ineffectual. In fact, the representative of Atlantic Cable Network said that GNBA members seem to be involved in the business of bullying some broadcasters to follow the rules of a new system while others are being allowed a “free ride” as they enjoyed under the PPP.GNBA Board Member,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Anthony VieiraThe official said, “When the company was told by Vieira that it has to choose a platform it made it clear that it is unfair. We told him that others are being allowed to enjoy the best of both worlds. One such company is E-Networks. But to calm us down, he made a promise that E-Networks would have been forced to play by the new rules. That promise however, was made since two months and nothing has changed. Yet,Cheap Jerseys China, we are under pressure to get in line.”However when Kaieteur News contacted the head of E-Networks, Vishook Persaud, he categorically stated that he was never asked or told at any point by the GNBA that he would have to operate on only one platform.Contacted to bring further clarity to the matter,Wholesale Jerseys, GNBA Head, Leonard Craig, said that the issue of cable operators using one platform was raised by one Board member during a statutory meeting.Craig said,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, “Let me first of all make it clear that the Board never made a decision for cable operators to operate on either a wireless platform or on physically run cables. That was the idea of one member. I am not naming the member. But I am categorically stating that the board never took such a decision. Such a practice does not confirm with international best practices.”The GNBA Head added, “You can’t have cable broadcasters on one platform because of the nuances involved with respect to Guyana’s terrain. In some communities, it might be easier and more feasible for a broadcaster to set up a physically run cables while in others it would be feasible and more practical to go with a wireless system. It would be foolish for any regulator to limit a broadcaster to any type of technology.”Craig said that he made this clear during the board meeting.He said that he was not aware that in spite of making those comments, a broadcaster was still told that he must choose one or the other.
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