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A senior police official says that the force is still continuing to probe the disappearance of the $3.547M which went missing at Eve Leary Finance Office in 2011,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, when persons unknown accessed a strong box within the cashier cage and removed the components of payroll kept in the same strong box.The Auditor General in his 2011 report made mention about the incident and had urged the police to follow up on the matter. The official told Kaieteur News that several persons were questioned about the incident. The source explained that the police are currently following up some leads which could lead to arrest.The Auditor General in his report also noted that the police force overpaid a supplier some $5.601M for fuel and lubricants in 2010.  He recommended that the police force take action to introduce measures for stricter control over acquisitions of fuel.In the report the force is criticized by the AG when he says that the force is still to reach a consensus with the Ministry of Finance on provisions for the purchase of uniforms and other items of military kit such as boots,Cheap NFL Jerseys, shoes, socks, belting and name tags.The report explained that the force made purchases for uniform and related accessories amounting to $155.439M during the year 2011.  In 2010,China Jerseys, 2009 and 2008 the respective purchases amounted to $245.698M; $280.210M; and $378.692M.The AG noted that these purchases should not happen. They should be included under benefits and allowances. It was explained that if it is done,NFL Jerseys Outlet, the benefits and allowances as an accounting concept connotes the receipt of cash or kind by a payee for his or her use or consumption. Further the GPF stockpiles uniform material and other associated components which are not utilized specifically in the period but over a number of years.The Auditor General recommended that the police force must take affirmative follow up actions to resolve this matter given the protracted period over which it was referred to the Ministry of Finance.Like the Guyana Defence Force,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the Police Force is also yet to take the necessary steps to secure and retain all vouchers in support of expenditure. As such the AG said that one payment voucher totaling $116,700 was not presented for 2011. There were similar situations in 2008 and 2009 with the result that for those years there are 167 outstanding vouchers for expenditure amounting to $83.739M.The force through its finance officer explained that efforts are ongoing to have these vouchers located and then have them presented for audit inspection. The finance officer noted that the amount for 2009 has since been reduced to 34 missing vouchers for audit examination.On the matter of fuel and lubricants,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys, the GPF acquired quantities valued at $206.769M from Guyoil for the period under review. However it was noted that in 2011, the police force owed the supplier amounts totaling $1.647M.
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