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President Bharrat Jagdeo who officiated at the ceremony hailed the dedication and commitment of the staff of the child protection agency and local Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) but criticized “libellous” reports from foreign NGOs on child abuse in Guyana.“We had an American NGO that came here and said they took 984 of our kids out of extreme forms of child labour and placed them elsewhere… We have to acknowledge and accept international help but this (child protection) is our task and I am very intolerant to people who come here and distort the situation,” President Jagdeo said.The notion that 85 percent of children in Guyana are abused was also vetoed by the President who said the implication is that 85 percent of the Guyanese population is abusers.He rebutted by speaking of the many parents and guardians including single parents across the country who would go the extra mile to safeguard the wellbeing of their children even in difficult times.The silence often results in child abuse cases going unnoticed was also an issue of concern for President Jagdeo who believes that the time has come for it to end.The religious organizations were called in as Government maintains the belief that child protection can be successful through partnerships. In this regard President Jagdeo encourages religious leaders to address child abuse and other societal vices while in the churches, mandirs and masjids.He also believes that there is an important role for society in general to act with a sense of decorum when in the presence of children especially at the level of homes,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, schools, street corners and in the mass media.
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