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In a brand new interview with KNAC.COM, ARMORED SAINT frontman John Bush was asked if the band's critically acclaimed 2010 release, "La Raza", be the only fresh music fans will see from the group for several years. "I've thought about some [working on some new] stuff," Bush said. "I have some ideas. I've actually been writing some lyrics down and just some word passages, if you will, that could possibly turn into titles of songs or certain lyrical ideas that I have, but I haven't really worked on anything with Joey [Vera, basss]. We did the bulk of the writing for 'La Raza'. I don't know if he's had any ideas regarding ARMORED SAINT. We've talked, kind of casually, about doing something. And we know if we do do something — based on time — it should be sooner than later,Nike Men Air Max 97 For Sale, simply because 'La Raza' came out ten years after 'Revelation' did,cheap nfl jerseys china, which came out ten years after 'Symbol Of Salvation' did. Now, granted, I was working in that time with ANTHRAX and doing other things, and so were the other guys, but I don't think doing a record every ten years is probably conducive to being current,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, necessarily. That being said, I think 'La Raza' is an amazing record and sounds very contemporary ARMORED SAINT, and at the same time a little bit of a homage,Cheap NFL Jerseys, if you will,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, to our influences: bands of the '70s that really inspired us. So it's kind of got this weird,China Jerseys Cheap, retro thing."He added,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, "I'd like to do something, and I have some ideas I'd like to accomplish. I think 'La Raza' set us up for doing something even more epic and bigger — maybe even using different musical instruments and just doing something that sounds grand. Very 'larger than life,' I think, is what I'd like to do on our next record. But we haven't really quite got there yet. Maybe this will be the catalyst for Joey to get on it. For me, I want to know that I'm in a state of mind to write. After 'La Raza', I was ready for a break, but now I think I have a lot of creative ideas and things I want to say. I feel like the lyrics on the last record were really profound. You know, I'm tooting my own horn here a little bit, but I was digging deep about my life and about how I see things, whether it's the fate of man or my own personal issues that I'm trying to come to terms with. There's no better catharsis than to write about it. It's my own therapy. I can't pay somebody money to be able to do this better. Sitting in a chair and talking about it would be a waste of time in comparison to writing lyrics and putting them on a song and singing it. And then do it over and over again,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, and hopefully solve the problems that I might be having. [laughs]" Photo credit: Stephanie Cabral
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