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…in fitting tributePeople’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Leader Robert Corbin at Monday’s church service at St. George’s Cathedral, in tribute to the late party executive and parliamentarian, Winston Murray, acknowledged the exemplary service that he gave to the PNCR and the nation as a whole.Corbin was participating in a special thanksgiving service where reflections and tributes were paid to the late Murray.On behalf of his party, the Opposition Leader saluted “one of its exemplary and outstanding members, the late,China Jerseys Free Shipping, Mr. Winston Shripaul Murray, CCH, MP, who remained steadfast, “In Season and Out of Season”, as a loyal and committed member to the day of his death”.Corbin said that the most fitting tribute that could be paid to Winston Murray would be an attempt to emulate the sterling qualities he possessed and displayed.“Indeed, his work on earth is done and we must take comfort that it was a job well done: using his God-given talents fully. Not burying them, but ensuring that they were utilised for the advancement of the causes in which he believed and which he believed that the PNCR was most equipped to bring to fruition.”Corbin declared that Murray could be relied upon for an objective and dispassionate opinion. The Party leader attested that as a colleague, Murray was always principled.  He said that whenever there was disagreement, this was conducted with courtesy and decorum.Murray, he emphasized, was widely respected and esteemed in the Parliamentary chambers as his approach and manner reached across the floor earning the regard of the Government benches.Corbin, who in fact was recently challenged by Murray for the leadership of the party, posited that Murray’s “life’s work and example bore testimony to what can be achieved with study, hard work, dedication and determination. He, like many other sons of the soil, rose from humble beginnings. He was born and grew up in the Essequibo Island of Leguan, in colonial Guyana, without the cushion of wealth or the social connections which could propel him to the top of the professional ladder.”Moreover, Corbin said, “despite difficult circumstances, he,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, with the support of his dedicated parents and earnest endeavour, persevered to achieve scholarly, academic and professional heights both locally and internationally. As it would have been for many others,China Jerseys, the temptation would have been great to forget his roots and enjoy a new life in the developed north. But his patriotism guided him to return to serve his native land.  He remained committed to this goal unto his death.”The Party leader in his solemn sermon-like submission amidst the colonial setting of the Cathedral invoked the poetry of John Donne’s Holy Sonnet, Devine Meditation, and Martin Carter’s Death of a Comrade to touch his audience.Corbin extended condolences to the family of Winston Murray: “The PNCR extends sympathy to Marva,Cheap Jerseys China, his dear wife, his children Mark,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Shawn and Makeba, and his entire family and expresses the hope that God will provide them with the strength and fortitude to deal with this great loss,” acknowledging that the yeoman service performed by Murray in service of party and country must have translated to sacrifices borne by the family.“As we pay tribute,” the leader of the opposition mused, “reflect on his contributions and, yes,China Jerseys, experience the immediate pain, anguish and sorrow, be also comforted that he lives in the memories of all whose lives he touched; in the hearts of members of the PNCR with whom he worked for decades; in the genes that he has bequeathed to his offspring; and, in the hearts of all with whom he shared his love.”“On the evening of Thursday November 11,” Corbin recollected  “I dismissed the first telephone call I received of his sudden collapse as the work of one of the regular mischievous ones in our society who revel in crank-calls to spread vicious and vile rumours. Indeed, I was a victim not very long ago. After all, I had seen him and spoken with him a mere few hours before and he appeared in fighting form. His last presentation in the National Assembly that day bears testimony to this conclusion.  I could not, however, treat the second call in similar light so I rushed to the Balwant Singh Hospital to be confronted with the sad sight of my Comrade in an almost helpless state.”Murray, who served on the Economic Services and the Parliamentary Management Committee died last week Monday at the GPHC, some two weeks after collapsing following participation in a parliamentary session.
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