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The Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine has distanced itself from the recent screw-up involving popular self-proclaimed herbalist,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Lurline Smith, called ‘Sister Lynn’ who was detained last Monday for the death of a client.Her client was Julie Mohabir, of St. Stephen’s Street, Charlestown, who was 61. She collapsed and died while undergoing treatment for tuberculosis at Smith’s Nandy Park, East Bank Demerara home.She passed away shortly after ingesting an herbal concoction that Smith had given her. The body was taken to Lyken Funeral Home.Self proclaimed herbalist Lurline SmithPolice, in addition to detaining the so-called herbalist, had detained a male assistant who resides at Norton Street, Lodge. They also took away a large bottle containing the concoction that Mohabir was given.The Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine (GAAM) has since said that ‘Sister Lynn’ has never been a member of the association and does not operate on moral and ethical grounds, as is required by members.The association further noted that both herbal and alternative medicines have over many years developed very specific approaches to maintaining the quality and consistency of herbal medicines and these are detailed in their respective pharmacopoeia.It was further explained by the herbal organisation that there have been a small number of well-publicized instances where products have been found to be sub-standard in quality or contaminated. This has been through the failure to adopt standards set by the tradition-specific pharmacopoeia.“Enforcement in Guyana has not been implemented and improved in years despite representation by GAAM to provide controls against sub-standard operators/practitioners.” GAAM stated.Underscoring that the traditional medicine has evolved over more than 4,000 years, GAAM said that these traditions alone are common to over one-third of the world’s population.“They represent multifaceted approaches to whole body healthcare that include detailed attention to diet and lifestyle, as well as the use of natural products and specific mental or spiritual practices.“GAAM has established and operated the Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine Institute at its headquarters primarily to educate, train and certify herbal and alternative medical practitioners and herbal vendors in order to maintain scientific research and practice standards, given the challenges facing the health of the people of Guyana and the Caribbean, especially as a result of the burden of chronic diseases by using these very long-standing, multi-faceted and effective healthcare traditions.”The body that practices herbal medicine said that the GAAM has contributed pertinent and valuable information to the drafting of the Allied Health Professions Bill 2009 (Bill #15 of 2009) and recommended to the Minister of Health that GAAM be empowered to function as the regulatory body.“The primary goal is to initiate work on a comprehensive legislative review of herbal/alternative medicine practice in Guyana in order to bring our country in line with the developed countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, etc) which have relevant laws enacted.“Time is long overdue for the relevant legislation to be implemented in order to prevent these tragedies.”
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