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Numerous large contracts undertaken by contractor,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, BK International, and poor planning of Government are being cited as possible reasons why road extension of the Diamond Public Road into four-lane is slothful.These assertions were made by Joe Harmon,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Parliamentarian, who expressed disgust at the length of time it is taking the contractor and the Public Works Ministry to complete the East Bank Demerara four-lane expansion project,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, particularly the section from “high bridge” to Diamond Housing Scheme entrance.The contract for the expansion works was signed on October 3, 2011 with project duration of 18 months. BK International commenced physical works in January 2012 and the project was stalled for several months and only recommenced in March 2013. A deadline for the project has not been disclosed but works are expected to conclude next year.According to Harmon, Government and the contractors for the Three Lots from Providence to Diamond need to inform the general public of a specific deadline for the completion of the entire project.While there is traffic congestion occasionally along the East Bank Demerara Public Road, it is most common in Diamond, where works are being undertaken by BK International. As such, for the recommencement of the smooth flow of traffic along that section, the Ministry and the contractor should hasten works, Harmon emphasized.Harmon stressed that BK International is awarded numerous large contracts by Government and that may be putting a strain on the availability of resources. He believes when a company is issued so many large projects at the same time,Wholesale Jerseys USA, equipment and personnel are spread thin to satisfy all projects.Harmon said that he had requested all the projects awarded to BK International over a period of time and they were revealed in the National Assembly. He said that this particular company has been awarded many projects and some were not properly done. However, it seems that Government is not focusing on the poor performances.According to Harmon, he also raised the issue of poor planning of Government in terms of the relocation of utilities when projects are ongoing. Works on this project experienced delays because of the need for the relocation of utilities. He stressed that in the design stage of the project it should have been realized that  utilities would need to be relocated. As such, provisions should have been made from the inception.“Time has passed for this road to be completed. As an MP and citizen who uses that roadway and faces the same inconvenience as other commuters,Wholesale Jerseys, I call on Government and the contractor to say when the project will conclude and at least complete a section for the smooth flow of traffic.”According to a Government Official, the contractor and Public Works Ministry’s Engineer were told to complete this section of roadway, but are being tardy. In addition,Cheap Jerseys From China, the contractor was asked to patch the roadway from Diamond to Herstelling.A disgruntled commuter waiting to enter Diamond Housing Scheme told Kaieteur News that almost daily he has to travel to Diamond and is faced with a long line that is time and fuel consuming.The man said that he is aware that whenever construction works are ongoing there might be traffic buildup but sometimes there is no machinery working on the road and there is still a long line. From observation, he concluded that the long line was created by the unfinished turning lane into Diamond.This should have been a priority. Instead of focusing on the whole construction the contractor should have given priority to the turning lane for a smooth flow of traffic.And even now, the section of the road that is being prepared for the additional two-lane has been awaiting top surface for quite some time.
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