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The Miss Guyana World MGW wishes to take this opportunity to respond to what it views as ill- conceived and inopportune statements in the media by a group of persons calling themselves “Team Arti Cameron.”Contrary to popular belief, MGW has not shied away from public scrutiny. The failure of some media operatives to contact Directors for official statements and secure same on any presumed stalemate in relations between MGW and Ms. Cameron smacks of irresponsible journalism.The result is that there is now some confusion as to the state of the relationship between Ms. Cameron and the MGW Organisation.MGW wishes to notify the public that it is unaware of the existence of any “Team Arti Cameron” as the contract between Ms Cameron and the MGW does not refer to any person or team of persons representing Ms. Cameron in an official capacity.We note with concern that cantankerous elements who wish to undermine the integrity of the Organisation have taken to the social media to malign the organisers of the Pageant. MGW sees such actions as serving no useful purpose and will therefore not respond in a similar vein.Despite the belligerent statements in the print and social media by persons related to Ms. Cameron, MGW has desisted from responding to what we view as malicious misrepresentations since we believe that any attempts to refute these misrepresentations will not only absolve the MGW Organisation from unfounded accusations, but will cast Ms. Cameron, who MGW believes would still be an excellent ambassador for Guyana on the international stage, in unfavourable light.To this end and bearing in mind the contractual relationship between Ms. Cameron and MGW, the organization will refrain from commenting on or attributing blame for the delay in Ms. Cameron’s receipt of a British visa, and all other issues.MGW however wishes to categorically state that all fundraising activities including the “Queen’s dinner” at the Princess Hotel,NFL Jerseys From China, a small donation from a family friend of Ms. Cameron and a donation from a semi-autonomous agency, have all been accounted for. Therefore, erroneous conclusions that MGW or the organizers are “making a living off Ms. Cameron” will not go unrefuted.Our intention; as any reputable organization, is to handle all improprieties in-house, failing which we would have resolved ourselves and country for failure. MGW is aware that the Miss World organization makes every effort to screen prospective delegates/finalists, therefore public rantings in the local and social media that create doubts about the stability of the contestant serve only to hamper Ms. Cameron’s and Guyana’s chances in the Miss World finals.In our interest to remain accountable to the Guyanese public however, MGW reaffirms its commitment as stated in a previous press release dated October 24th 2011 that “in the unlikely event that Ms. Cameron does not represent Guyana at Miss World this year” she will attend Miss World 2012, barring all unsolvable improprieties.Given this assurance by MGW, the recent attempts to bash the organization are ill-timed and erroneous, serving only to stymie and taint the efforts of the Organization working to bring international acclaim to Guyana through pageantry.In this vein, MGW continues to celebrate the recent exploits of Ms. Soyini Fraser, the reigning Miss Guyana Princess who placed in the top nine and coveted the Best National Costume award at the Princess of the World Pageant in the Czech Republic.Moreover, Ms. Aletha Shepherd after overcoming the recent spate of events at the Miss Asia Pageant in Korea where she won several prizes blazed a trail for Guyana at the Miss Globe pageant in Albania; all under the auspices of MGW.Ms. Shepherd has been a shining contender throughout the pageant. On her second day in the pageant she was privileged to have won the Miss Bikini crown. She then went on to place second at the Miss Disco Queen competition and lastly she made the final of the talent show competition.Guyana has never before in recent years had such strong contenders who could have won an international crown for Guyana. The remaining beauty ambassadors who will soon vie for international acclaim are Ms. Celeste Dolphin and Ms. Utieka John.MGW wishes to express its full confidence that they are strong contenders to win crowns.MGW further makes a public plea for persons to desist from slandering the name(s) of Directors Carwyn and Nikosa Holland and to inform that all fund raising and media statements on behalf of MGW and Miss Arti Cameron who is contracted solely to MGW and no other management are unauthorised.The organizers of the MGW pageant express sincerest gratitude to those who continue their unwavering support, and assure all of the integrity of the organization in the way forward.
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