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– was wanted for brutal cutlass attack on reputed wifePolice yesterday nabbed a 46-year-old suspect who was wanted for brutally attacking his reputed wife with a cutlass last Friday morning.The suspect who is known as “Snake Eye” was caught just around 16:00hrs.Kaieteur News learnt that the suspect was caught in the vicinity of the Providence Police Station. His wife, Roxanne Goodman, who was discharged from the hospital yesterday told this newspaper that she is still suffering from severe headaches.The woman said that she can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that her husband is behind bars.“I now feel better because I know the police have him” the woman said. She now hopes that justice would be served.“I want him to get the full brunt of the law book for what he did to me”. She also said that she has been getting assistance from various persons. The woman said that Ministry of Human Services and Social Security has come forward and assisted the family.The woman was viciously attacked by her reputed husband on Friday morning as she walked to work.The alleged attacker, according Goodman, spent six months in prison for brutally beating her on one occasion. The woman said she separated from her husband some 14 months ago. The woman recounted that Friday morning, around 9:30hrs, she was on her way to work when she was attacked by her reputed husband.“He come from behind me and seh he gon kill me and after that he started to chop me.”Goodman said that her husband chopped her first to the head, and that wound carried 30 stitches inside and out. She said that she placed her hands in front of her face to prevent him from chopping her there and she almost lost her hand.The woman has a gaping wound to the hand which carried well over 15 stitches.Thinking that chopping her was not enough, the man whipped out a long-bladed knife and tried to stab Goodman.. None of the wounds penetrated because the woman blocked the knife with her handbag.Goodman’s daughter, Roxanne Smith, also related several instances of abuse while she lived with her father. According to the daughter, her father starved her on numerous occasions when she tried to intervene whenever he was beating her mother. She also said that the father would starve her brothers and sisters whenever he drank alcohol.On another occasion, the daughter, who is expected to give birth to her first child, said that she remembers her father beating her mother with a bicycle chain,Cheap Womens Jordan Sneakers, and leaving her with a broken arm. The woman had to seek refuge in neighbouring Suriname for a few weeks.
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