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A stallholder in Bourda Market is thankful for her life after being held for almost 15 minutes by a lone gunman who attacked her early yesterday morning.The woman, who prefers only to be identified as Deddie, said that the incident occurred just after 09:00 hours yesterday at her Bourda Market Stall.At the time of the incident the woman was packing shelves in her grocery stall.She said that she was backing the counter when she heard someone saying, “Where de money deh? Pass de money”. Not taking it for anything the woman said that she just ignored the person, since from time to time other stallholders in the market would make similar jokes.“But something tell me turn around. It was then I realise that this person serious. He had a gun point straight at me,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping,” the woman recalled.The woman said her first instinct was to run to the back of the stall. “After I run at the back de man jump over the counter and come behind me. Is then the rest of the workers realised that a robbery was in progress,” she added.Deddie recalled that the man then ordered her to the hand over all her valuables which she willingly did.The woman said that the gunman made off with more than $100,000 in cash.“After I give him the money he just stand up with the gun to me head staring like he didn’t know what next to do,” she added.After a brief moment the woman said the man jumped back over the shop counter and calmly walked through the market as she and her staff— three young men— were left standing in shock.The matter was immediately reported and statements were taken.Meanwhile, the woman said although she is upset over the incident she is thankful that no one was harmed during the ordeal.
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