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Government has an obligation to ensure the equitable distribution of resources in the various regions, a practice which, according to the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR),NFL Jerseys China, is not evident.And, according to executive member Keith Scott during the party’s most recent press briefing, the Jagdeo regime has failed to appreciate that the political discrimination practised by the Administration will only result in greater alienation in the society.Scott related that,Cheap Jerseys From China, even as the PNCR leadership continues its outreach activities, more evidence of the People’s Progress Party Civic (PPPC) maladministration is being uncovered in forms of discrimination and marginalization in areas across the country.“During the last week,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, the PNCR leadership, led by PNCR and Opposition Leader Robert Corbin, visited and held meetings with residents at New Amsterdam, Berbice and Bartica, Essequibo River.“Residents outlined a litany of major issues affecting them in their communities and the failure of the Government to respond to their many approaches for assistance,” Scott revealed.And according to him, high on the list of matters affecting the residents of New Amsterdam was the poor service provided by the new New Amsterdam Hospital, even as Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy boasts of improved conditions in medical services and medical delivery throughout the length and breadth of Guyana.Scott added that one surprising occurrence was a credible allegation that two patients, after being discharged from the New Amsterdam Hospital, were later found to have sustained fractures on various limbs and had to be treated by a nurse at the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) in Berbice.“Surprisingly,Chile Jersey, the nurse was able to discover the fractures from the same x-rays that the hospital used for its diagnosis. These incidents obviously beg the question of the quality of the staff assigned there,” Scott noted.In addition, he said, patients have reported that there is poor water supply to the facility, and very often there is none at all,Cheap Jerseys Store, thus making life difficult for them. Sanitary facilities are affected.Shortage of drugs and the fear that the regular blackouts and shortage of water are affecting the sterilization of equipment and the quality of the service generally are matters of grave concern to the people of Berbice, Scott added.“Security at the (Fort Canje) Hospital in Berbice was also reported as precarious, with patients being constantly exposed to assaults by intruders.The minister should spend less time boasting about how many “state-of-the-art” hospitals he has constructed and concentrate on the quality of health care that these institutions are expected to offer Guyanese.”Scott said that his party is calling upon Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy to investigate the conditions at the two hospitals in New Amsterdam and report to the nation on the steps taken by him to remedy these problems.He divulged, too, that neglect at Bartica is similar to that at Berbice, pointing out that the One to Three-Mile area of the Bartica/Potaro road has been in a perpetual state of disrepair for years.“The limited funds allocated to the region for maintenance of this road are so inadequate that residents are convinced that political discrimination is at work. They referred to other areas in the region, known for PPPC support, where roads are in immaculate condition and are repaired yearly, while an important road, which is the gateway to the mining areas of the region, is neglected.”And in order to have the situation addressed, a few weeks ago, the residents were forced to mount a massive demonstration to draw attention to their plight. It was only at that time that some minor maintenance works were eventually started, Scott said.He noted, though, that,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, “The major question is how long will it last? The residents are convinced that the recent efforts by the Administration will only ensure that they experience the same problems again next year.”
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