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The New Amsterdam Mayor and Town Council’s (M&TC) Bobcat machine demolished a steel frame foundation that was being erected by Leslie Holder.Holder was constructing a concrete block- making facility at Lot 6, Garrison Road, Fort Canje, Berbice. Holder stated that he has all the necessary paperwork and lease for land at the mentioned location and finds it unfair that the town council would target him in such a way.He produced a copy of the Lease of State Land for Industrial Purposes which was issued in October 2004 by President Bharrat Jagdeo, along with a certificate giving him permission by the town council to build on the land.He added that recently, he decided to build a structure in which he will build and sell hollow blocks. Last Wednesday, he paid $8,Cheap Jerseys Free,000 to build the structure on the land. The M&TC asked him for a plan for which he would use to build the structure, which he delivered.The police and the Guyana Lands and Survey Department also visited the site recently, the latter which gave approval.Holder said that he has invested a lot in the land since occupying it in 2004. “I full up this place for $700,000 then I invest the years that I on it, making and selling blocks. I invest $2M to put up a structure.”He said much of that amount went into ensuring a solid foundation and erection of steel frames.Holder said that it seems funny that he has all the requirements that were certified by the New Amsterdam M&TC and the government and that the former arrived on Thursday morning and destroyed the little that he had built on the land.He stated that he continues to pay the required amount of taxes during the past years.A shack to build and store hollow blocks that Holder constructed since 2004 on the same site was also threatened by the town officials to be demolished.When contacted, Building Inspector of the New Amsterdam M&TC, John Adams, refused to comment and referred this newspaper to the Town Clerk or Mayor, both of whom were out of office on Friday afternoon.“I can’t give any information,” Adams said. (Leon Suseran)
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