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There is another twist to the controversy surrounding the unregistered Pajero that was seized by the Guyana Revenue Authority,Cheap NFL Jerseys, with one of the previous owners claiming that the fiasco has raised questions about the administration of the GRA.David Burgess,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, who had sold the vehicle to a businessman,WBC Jerseys 2017, is distancing himself from any possible corruption with respect to the vehicle.The businessman, Bhola Nauth, was disposed of the vehicle when he tried to re-sell it because the Licence Revenue Office of the Guyana Revenue Authority could not find any records to support that it was legally registered.Commissioner General of the GRA, Khurshid Sattaur,World Baseball Classic Jerseys, had dismissed the suggestion that the Licence Revenue Office was compromised.This newspaper had highlighted the issue in an article captioned “Businessman suffers as a result of GRA corruption”.According to Burgess the article appeared to suggest that he was involved in unfair dealings during the course of selling the vehicle.In the article it was claimed that the vehicle was brought into Guyana illegally and it was suggested that paperwork was procured from the GRA by Burgess.“Let me make this perfectly clear to all interested parties and I will be speaking personally to Mr Nauth. I was the third owner of the vehicle with no questions at any time during my ownership of incorrect documents or unpaid taxes,” Burgess wrote in a letter to this newspaper.He said that he advertised the vehicle and a deposit was paid by Mr Nauth.According to Burgess the GRA was approached by an employee of his who had some difficulty in immediately issuing the change of ownership document and Road Service Licence.“Apparently the clerk said that he couldn’t find the vehicle history but said this may be because of changes to their procedures and a new computerised system. It was suggested that the previous owner be contacted to clarify the position. The previous owner, Mr Gerferrie of Subryanville, was happy to discuss the query with the GRA and apparently dealt with any history issues as documents were issued some two weeks later. These were handed to Mr Nauth and the balance was paid,” Burgess wrote.Burgess said that whatever occurred,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, does not and should not implicate or compromise him or his agents in any unfair or illegal dealings.“What has apparently come to the surface is either poor administration or indeed as suggested, something more serious. My family and I left Guyana after eight good years with our heads up high, knowing that we had contributed in many ways to various charities, activities and to the community. We always did our best for Guyana and we wouldn’t expect anyone to believe any different,Cheap Jerseys China,” Burgess stated.The Guyana Revenue Authority is demanding that Nauth pay taxes in excess of $6M before the vehicle which is still in the possession of the GRA can be released.
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