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ENFIELD /NEW DOE PARK – An Interim Management Committee has been installed at Enfield /New Doe Park last Thursday.The new chairman receives his instruments of commission at the installation.Some 86 percent of the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils are run by the People’s Progressive Party.For the Enfield/New Doe Park Neighbourhood Democratic Council, the seats were allotted as follows: 11 for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C), six for Enfield/New Doe Park, and one for the United Force (UF).So far, that party is yet to name its 11th councillor – the others taking up the positions are Jetram Ramkissoon, of Sisters Village, who was nominated Chairman of the Enfield/New Doe Park Interim Management Committee; Shameer Khan Rajab, of Edinburgh, the Vice Chairman; Roshan Ramkissoon, of Brothers; Victor Dey; Hemwattie Ramkaran, and Mohamed Azim, all of Lonsdale; and Lilowtie Hussain, Mohanie Bhagwandeen, Deonarine Budhoo and Winston Madramootoo, of Edinburgh.At the installation ceremony, Region Six Chairman Zulfikar Mustapha said that in 1994, 18 persons were elected as councilors, and from that time to now, there were no local government elections. Some of the officers had migrated or lost interest, while others had passed on to the great beyond.For many years, residents in that locale have been asking for the Neighbourhood Democratic Council to be disbanded.On Thursday, Ministerial Advisor within the Ministry of Local Government,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Clinton Collymore, said that there are 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils in Guyana, and problems exist in all of them.Mr. Collymore expressed gratitude to those councillors who are still on the job. According to him, when local government elections were last held, in 1994, no one could have predicted that so many years would have gone by without another being held.Elections,China Jerseys, he said, were not held for various reasons. “It is not that we do not want elections, we want elections…elections were due in 1997, we couldn’t go to those elections, because the general elections came into being in that same year; and according to policy and practice, the major elections have to take precedence.”He said that as a result of the aftermath of the elections in 1997, the local government elections were further postponed.“Those elections were very controversial and they were not accepted by the major opposition party. In 1998, when we wanted to hold elections for local government, the commotion spilled out into the streets — demonstrations…bombs going off,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, people being shot, looting, arson, massive destruction, threats, we were on the verge of declaring a state of emergency, but the police and security forces were able to deal with that situation.“We couldn’t hold elections then. It was impossible, because herds of people were invading Government offices, and even invading the Elections Commission. The next year, 1999, we planned to hold elections. We couldn’t — the same thing.”According to Mr. Collymore,NFL Jerseys From China, a task force was established in May 2001 to deal with the reform of local government, and as such, the elections could not be held.He spoke, too, of the opposition’s refusal to use the existing voters’ list.“What was wrong with the list from 2006? The whole world said it was a good list; the elections were free and fair…but these people don’t want elections, and they are prolonging this thing.”Mr. Collymore said that whenever it was on the verge of finalising the Elections Bill, “the PNC (People’s National Congress) people Llewellyn John, Vincent Alexander and Basil Williams, would say some thing is wrong, let us put in another clause.”He said that, according to a report of the task force, it was agreed that the same proportion of the constituents of the dissolved council would be used for the Interim Management Committee.In the case of the Enfield/New Doe Park Interim Management Committee,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the situation is different. The Region Six Chairman was tasked with the responsibility of contacting the groups and making requests for them to name their candidates.According to Mr. Collymore, the groups indicated that they were not interested, and as such, the new Interim Management Committee is made up of only councillors from the People’s Progressive Party.Late last year, an investigation was launched into allegations levelled against the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Enfield/New Doe Park Neighbourhood Democratic Council. Approximately 50 residents testified on November 29 last year.Twenty-three persons had attached their signatures to the petition. The concerns raised by those residents of areas including Friends, Edinburgh, Sisters, Rotterdam, Enfield, Lonsdale and Brothers Villages existed for a number of years.Other similar supplications were filed in 2006,Authentic Baltimore Ravens Jersey, but no action was taken.The two officers were fired from their posts as foremen of the Drainage and Irrigation Enhancement Programme in April 2007.In February 2007, two Drainage and Irrigation workers had said that, besides their regular tasks, they were ordered to develop a plot of land belonging to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, and were paid through the Drainage programme.In a statement, the petitioners had cited mismanagement, incompetence, lack of interest and neglect. In addition, concerns existed about vital work not being executed.According to Mr. Mustapha, former Chairman Sewkarran Nanhu and his deputy Rishiram Ramkissoon both tendered their letters of resignation in September, citing personal reasons for their decision.According to him, the move to install an Interim Management Committee is to allow for wider participation of residents within the catchment area. He claimed that the depletion of councillors was one of the main reasons the Enfield/New Doe Park Neighbourhood Democratic Council was disbanded. “I hope that those persons making up the IMC will have the development of the NDC at heart…You will have to make sacrifices…At all times, I want you to work in unity…We should not fight among ourselves.”Four persons from the old body were given positions in this new group.
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