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Approval has been granted for the Substantive Appointments within the Guyana Prison Service with effect from 3rd December 2014:AS SENIOR SUPERINTENDET OF PRISONSMr. Gladwin Samuels – Superintendent of PrisonsAS SUPERINTENDENT OF PRISONS1. Mr. Nicklon Elliot – Assistant Superintendent of Prisons2. Mr. Kevin Pilgrim – Assistant Superintendent of Prisons3. Mr. Richard Brown – Assistant Superintendent of Prisons4. Mr. Alexander Hopkinson – Assistant Superintendent of Prisons5. Ms. Evelyn Crandon – Assistant Superintendent of PrisonsAS ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT OF PRISONS1. Cadet officer Carlton Cameron2. Cadet Officer DeorajGyandat3. Cadet Officer Mark Smith4. Cadet Officer Kelvin Hutson5. Chief Officer Kofi DavidAS CHIEF PRISON OFFICER1. Mr. Seon Charles – Principal Officer 112. Mr. Raymond Bagot – Principal Officer 113. Ms. Christine George –Principal Officer 114. Mr. Marvin Azore – Principal Officer 115. Mr. Kirk Joseph – Principal Officer 116. Mr. Desmond Darlington – Prison Trade Instructor7. Mr. Peter Barker – Principal Officer 118. Mr. Patrick Crawford – Principal Officer 119. Ms. Beverly Critchlow-Williams – Principal Officer 1110. Mr. Ossie Harper-Nurse – Principal Officer 1111. Ms. Michelle Baynes – Principal Officer 11AS PRINCIPAL OFFICER 111. Ms. Ann Cornette – Prison Trade Instructor2. Ms. Paula Grahame – Principal Officer 13. Ms. Maxine Mourant – Principal Officer 14. Ms. Joylyn Young-Scott – Principal Officer 15. Mr. Lionel Cave – Principal Officer 16. Mr. Prince Cox – Principal Officer 17. Mr. Orin Halley – Principal Officer 18. Ms. Suana Cambridge-Eastman – Principal Officer 1AS PRINCIPAL OFFICER 11. Ms. Dazley Grandison – Principal Officer2. Mr. Gershwyn Gordon – Principal Officer3. Mr. Roger Dublin – Principal Officer4. Ms. Michelle Eversley – Principal Officer5. Ms. Yolanda Persaud – Principal Officer6. Mr. Troy Rodney – Principal Officer7. Ms. Jacqueline Henry – Principal Officer8. Mr. David Dias – Principal Officer9. Ms. Marcia Collier – Principal Officer10. Mr. Joel Campbell – Principal Officer11. Ms. Shelly Oxford – Principal OfficerAS PRISON TRADE INSTRUCTOR1. Mr. Justin Eastman – Principal Officer2. Mr. Frank La Rose – Principal Officer3. Mr. Erwin Mentore – Principal OfficerGUYANA FIRE SERVICEApproval has been granted for the following Substantive Appointments in the Guyana Fire Service with effect from the dates stated against their respective names:AS DIVISIONAL OFFICERStation Officer Compton Sparman – from 1st June 2013AS STATION OFFICER1. Sub Officer Debbie Stephenson – from 1st June 20132. Sub Officer Aubrey Hardy – from 1st March 20143,Mens Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes. Sub Officer Everard Harding – from 1st March 2013AS SUB OFFICER1. Section Leader EzlaBynoe – from 1st March 20132. Section Leader Dehola Jacobs – from 1st June 20133. Section Leader Tricia Lawrence – from 1st August 20134. Section Leader Shannon Crawford – from 1st March 20145. Section Leader Fitzroy Sutton – from 1st March 20136. Section Leader Courtney Springer – from 1stMarch 2013AS SECTION LEADER1. Leading Fireman Michael Davidson – from 30th May 20122. Leading Fireman Delbert Pitt – from 17th December 20123. Leading Fireman Ryburn Williams – from 1st June 2013AS LEADING FIREMAN1. Fireman 1272 Gillard Hope – from 3rd April 20122. Fireman 1288 SurainSamaroo – from 17th July 20123. Fireman 1293 Sunil Persaud – from 21st November 20124. Fireman 1284 Marvin Watts – from 30th May 2012AS LEADING FIREWOMAN1. Firewoman 108 Melissa Belle – from 17th December 20122. Firewoman 109 Franka Thomas – from 31st December 2012.
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