The Expert Roulett in FFXIV

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The Expert Roulett in FFXIV

Postby TamamShamoon » Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:42 am

Just qued up for the Expert Roulette as a SCH. Got in to Pharos Sirius Hard with a WAR and two SMNs. I'm instantly a bit cautious because I've had more than my share of trouble with WARs in the past while healing. I had no idea what I was in for.....

Right off the bat, I put protect and stoneskin on everyone, and then the warrior proceeds to pull almost every enemy prior to the first boss and we wipe because I simply can't put out as much healing as they're taking in damage. We wipe and come back and they start taking it at a normal pace and we don't have any more trouble. Until the first boss with the help of FFXIV Gil. The two SMNs would link the enemies like you're supposed to, but when the adds spawned I suddenly found myself tanking them as a SCH because the tank wouldn't grab them and the SMNs wouldn't attack them. Not TOO unmanageable but still a pain....

The dungeon went fine from there. Until, you guessed it, the next boss. The SMNs once again wouldn't attack the Slime adds when they spawned, nor, obviously, make any attempt to plug the gas leaks with them. This lead to damage accumulating quickly, particularly so when the slimes started to explode FFXIV Power leveling. To make matters worse, they weren't attacking the kobold adds either, so it was a constant effort to dodge the bomb AoEs, while spamming every healing technique I had just to keep us alive. We somehow got through that one with no casualties, but it was close at times.....

Then we proceeded through the last third of the dungeon with little issue on the trash until we got to the bomb incubators. With the way the run had been going, I marked all three with "1","2","3" marks to indicate that they should attack them. The SMNs proceeded to ignore these marks of course, as any dutiful DPS player would do, and the only incubator that died was the one I had marked with a three that got caught by the edge of their AoE attacks. Cue adds spawning from the walls, combined with tank not making an attempt to pick up said adds, combined with bombs from the two undestroyed incubators, (I had harmed one slightly in between healing the tank, but not managed to kill it), and you add all that together to make a very unhappy healer.....

AFTER THAT, we managed to make it to the final boss itself, which was a cake walk after the rest of the run, despite the fact that the SMNs wouldn't attack the Grey Bombs until they were almost exploding, (and would have if I hadn't of been pure DPSing them to get their health low before hand). We ALMOST wiped during the second phase because they made no attempt to keep the Remedy Bombs from the Grey Bombs, but I managed to keep one from detonating and was able to use all my cooldowns to prevent a wipe there.
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