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Some nurses seconded to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre are complaining of working under less than suitable conditions at the Institution.Among their complaints, are being regularly exposed to poorly disposed needles and surgical blades, having to take their meals in the washroom area, and having to wash patient’s bedpans.Kaieteur News had visited the hospital recently after receiving complaints that surgical blades and needles are being carelessly disposed of.The nurses had said that repeated pleas for ‘sharps’ containers with covers had been met with poor response.Kaieteur News had observed the needles and blades being dumped in an open waste basket. However, a source said that this issue was recently rectified.The nurses also said that the facility has no lunch-room for nursing staff, so they are forced to take their meals in the washroom area.And although the hospital has cleaning staff, the local nurses said that they are being left to wash patients’ bedpans.They also reported that two washrooms in the hospital’s ward have been out of order for some time.To add to their woes, the nurses,Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Shoes, who are from the 118th batch,Authentic Buffalo Bills Jersey, are still to receive salaries,Air Max 97 Undefeated Green, despite successfully completing their examinations at the Georgetown School of Nursing, some seven months ago.Kaieteur News understands that while those at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) are getting their salaries,Pat Tillman Cardinals Jersey, those who are seconded to Regional hospitalsare being forced to subsist on their monthly $16,000 stipend.At the Diamond Diagnostic Centre (now called the East Demerara Regional Hospital),jerseys from china, nurses were reportedly told by one health official that the official had no idea when the nurses would be paid.The nurses were posted to the Diagnostic Centre in April and were reportedly told that they would be appointed.In a memo seen by Kaieteur News,Cheap Huarache Shoes For Women, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Hydar Ally, had asked the Director of the Region Four Regional Executive Office to appoint a nurse to work at the Diagnostic Centre.In response, the hospital’s Medical Director had written to the Regional Executive Officer, asking for particulars of the nurse’s contract.He is reportedly still awaiting a response.A Public Service official had told Kaieteur News that even though the nurses were successful at their exams, they have to be appointed by the Public Services Commission (PSC).
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