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Jose Mourinho, the coach, confirmed that his Manchester United to defeat the champions. That's not surprising.
The Portuguese coach has recently taken the 'Red Devils' to Sevilla, the club's 1-2 playoff squad. 16 teams battle the European Champions League flip flop fall.
The latest Mourinho interview in the press room in the press room. "I used to sit in this chair twice in the Champions League, not counting Manchester United. United play in Old Trafford. "
"I was in charge of Porto here, Manchester. United take the curtain of Real Madrid to sit here, Manchester United. United, eliminated I see that this is not new for the club. "
"And of course being a Manchester City manager. United and then eliminated the champions. The league in the house it does not deserve.
"I do not regret, I'm done. The players are full. We tried and we lost that football. "sbobet asia :Bravo:
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