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–    Aimed at making the agency “semi autonomous”By Latoya Giles The Deeds Registry Authority Bill is expected to be laid over in the National Assembly on Thursday, Attorney General Anil Nandlall disclosed yesterday.The Legal Affairs Minister said that the Bill intends to establish the Deeds Registry as a semi autonomous agency disengaging itself from Central Government and the Public Service.Attorney General Anil NandlallNandlall told Kaieteur News that the registry will enjoy financial and functional autonomy. He said that the registry will be able to hire and dismiss its own staffers and become its own budget agency.According to the Attorney General, a board will be set up and would comprise government, private sector and the bar association personnel. The AG further told Kaieteur News that the Bill will create a new department which will deal exclusively with the commercial and company matters.The attorney general said that the initiative is intended to bring greater efficiency to the system and improve the quality of services currently being offered at the Deeds Registry. Further, the AG said that when the exercise is completed,NFL Jerseys Outlet, a similar initiative will be undertaken in respect of the land court registry. He said that it is intended that both agencies will be completely modernized and be computerized.Moreover the Minister also stated that the Guyana Law Reports dating back from 1932 to 2007 will be launched very shortly. There is an online version which is already completed.The AG said that the books have already left Canada where they were published and are being shipped to Guyana. Nandlall said that the reports will provide an invaluable addition to the country’s jurisprudence and legal literature.He said that both judges and lawyers will find the online version and hardcopies. Nandlall noted that the books will be sold at a reasonable price which would be determined at a later date.
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