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Adam Loewen Canada Jersey w1gofbi5

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Chateau Margot robbery…Five days after a brazen daylight robbery that left a Chateau Margot businessman and a 17-year-old bandit dead, police are still trying to ascertain the identities of at least three other men who managed to escape from the scene.According to reports, six men had attacked the Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara business on Tuesday and while one was captured at the scene, another shot dead and one more shot and wounded, three others managed to secure their freedom.Up to yesterday investigators were still reviewing surveillance tapes from cameras at the robbery scene with the hope of identifying the perpetrators who are still at large.A top police source told this newspaper that the images retrieved from the cameras required enhancing in order to make positive identifications.But a few businessmen are not too satisfied with the pace of the police investigations into the incident.In fact, it took the police all of four days to positively identify the bandit, Randi Daniels, who was shot dead at the scene of the robbery.This was despite the fact that they had captured two of his accomplices.“Basic interrogation should have led to those in custody revealing the identities of the bandits who escaped,” one businessman told this newspaper.“The police seem to selectively force information out of suspects,” remarked another businessman who asked not to be named.Kaieteur News understands that the bandit who was captured at the scene of the robbery kept giving conflicting information, which almost put investigators on the wrong track.But according to a police source, during their interrogations, the captured bandits’ story was that they only met their accomplices the day of the robbery.“One of them claimed that they met up at the Plaisance Line Top where the plan was detailed. All he gave us was the call names of the accomplices,” a senior police source disclosed.But information reaching this newspaper indicated that the police might have been able to ascertain the identity of one of the escaped bandits since they searched a house in the city for the suspect.Police are also focusing on another bandit who was reportedly wounded by the now dead businessman, during the robbery.Meanwhile,Adam Loewen Canada Jersey, Victor Bobb, one of the bandits who was remanded to prison for the businessman’s murder, had appeared in a city magistrate’s court as recent as Monday last on an armed robbery charge.He is reportedly on $250,000 bail on that charge.But many are hoping that with the charging of the two suspects, the police will not relax and allow the three others who escaped to remain at large.
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