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After months of investigations into fraud allegations at City Hall, Minister of Local Government, Ganga Persaud, and Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brumell, are now in possession of the Auditor General’s findings, says a senior official of the Audit Office.Speaking on the basis of anonymity, the official noted that the report was sent to both offices last week.Town Clerk, Yonette PluckThe report corroborates most of the financial irregularities highlighted in the Gaskin report and recommends serious disciplinary actions against several officers including the Town Clerk Yonette Pluck, City Treasurer Andrew Meredith, and City Engineer Gregory Erskine.During the middle of this year a report prepared by Ramon Gaskin, who was part of an investigating team headed by Keith Burrowes, compiled a report showing serious financial irregularities at City Hall. The report led to investigations by the Audit Office and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Guyana Police Force.In addition, six senior officers, Town Clerk-Yonette Pluck, Treasurer-Andrew Meredith, City Engineer-Gregory Erskine, Personnel Officer —Paulette Braithwaite,Wholesale Jerseys, Assistant Town Clerk- Harry Munroe and Solid Waste Manager-Hubert Urling were sent on leave.According to the official of the Audit Office, while serious disciplinary actions have been recommended against Pluck, Meredith and Erskine there is a possibility that the other officers will also face disciplinary actions.The official said that the Audit Office found instances of fraud. Monies from the sale of the old incinerator cannot be accounted for and the City Engineer “did some contract works that were not above the board.”According to the Source, the police will have to determine what actions they will take after studying the report submitted by the Audit Office.
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