“on a logical dispassionate arrangement

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“on a logical dispassionate arrangement

Postby pjqhr230 » Mon May 15, 2017 6:51 am

“Government talks scrutiny but does not walk that talk,” said Leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan, Tuesday evening as part of his passionate contribution to the final of the 2013 National budget debates.According to Ramjattan many attempts have been made to suggest that the parliamentary opposition does not have the people’s interest at heart but he insisted that when efforts are made to ask for the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission it is an indication that “we care.”AFC Leader, Khemraj RamjattanAs he made calls for cronyism and corruption to come to a halt, Ramjattan noted that even if there is no proof of such activities it is in fact the place of the Commission to say so.  “The kudos will be had for the benefit of the Government…it would be a proud day when the Public Procurement Commission comes and says ‘Mr. Ramjattan what you are alleging is all false’. I would stand up and say of course we need a Commission.”Ramjattan made a point of highlighting that there has been a plethora of constitutional breaches adding that “we have it there in the constitution but it has not been operationalised.”He went on to list the Ombudsman position which has been vacant for the past five years and disclosed too that although there is a Public Service Appellate Tribunal its members are yet to be named.“We have a constitution full of fancy institutions for scrutiny and for the benefit of workers and public servants and the procurement of contracts, and what do we have none being established to the extent that they could start doing their work.”Ramjattan deduced that the ultimate reason for the failure to establish the constitutional mechanisms is the fact that Government has not been “”walking its talk.”The AFC leader said that sincere efforts were made by the opposition to have Government incorporate crucial ideas into the 2013 Budget; a move he insisted was premised on the fact that “we are concerned about the people’s welfare. We had made a 10-point plan in relation to what we would like to see in the Budget but yet it is being stated that we do not care for the people.”According to Ramjattan, when attempts are made to ask for public servants’ increases and a reduction of the Value Added Tax (VAT) it is an indication of earnest concern. “It is not that we don’t have this country at heart.”And it isn’t only the ordinary citizens that the opposition have been fighting for, as according to the AFC Leader, moves were made to help the private sector as well with whom consultations were had.He noted that a comparison of taxes in relation to other Caribbean countries and Guyana has revealed that Guyana is probably the most taxed country in the English-speaking Caribbean.“Our rates are over 10 and five per cent…I had urged the Minister of Finance to let us in as to what is happening to his tax review committee,” added Ramjattan as he disclosed that Government had last year assured that the Committee would have been proactive and derive recommendations.“Lo and behold we understand that the Committee has not met (or) they have met but there was absolutely nothing done in relation to that tax (review)…”Requested tax reduction, according to Ramjattan, is in fact going to ensure, when compared to Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica, “on a logical dispassionate arrangement (that) can lead to one thinking that there might very well be a reduction in the amount of taxes collected.”Ramjattan noted that the business community has informed that once taxes have been reduced taxpayers are more than likely to pay up. “We have to live with that reality as economists would say…When it is too high, a number of the entrepreneurs and businessmen start hiding; there is evasion and avoidance.“They have been pleading for reduction of corporate taxes and we in the AFC have been pleading for a reduction of the VAT.”But according to Ramjattan, the AFC was last year told in minute details that the reduction of the VAT is not going to help poor people, a claim he slammed as being relative. “It is an argument that I find rather specious, rather illogical but that’s the argument.”For this reason, the AFC Leader appealed for the reconvening of a new Committee as soon as possible in order to facilitate the analysis “of our taxes just like when we had the actuarial coming in to see what disaster Dr. Roger Luncheon’s chairmanship and the other board members caused to the NIS…to the extent now that the thing will soon go bankrupt.”
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